Hello. I’m Chris Starfire, and here are some projects I’m very proud of:

2024: Searching for Sarah A. Thomas

One of the last known graves on the Oregon-California trail where the name, age, and date of death was known but nothing else, was the grave of Sarah A. Thomas. I found her.

2018-2020: Stormé DeLarverié 
I began researching Stormé Delaverié in early 2018 when I realised she was being celebrated as a myth while the incredible person she was was being not only forgotten, but erased. Thanks to friends and family of Stormé, I found more than I could’ve imagined. I created a website in her honour: Stormé DeLarverié

(I intended the site to be “100 Years of Stormé DeLarverié”, but it turned out she was really born in 1923.)

I’ve transferred the site to Jeanne Stanley, who will protect Stormé’s legacy and my research after I’m gone.

2014: Interview with Mark Greyland
After his sister went public with abuse from their mother, Marion Zimmer Bradley, I interviewed Mark Greyland. 

After a great deal of public attention, he requested that I take it down. Several years later he said he’d like it available again, but I was too ill to do it then. Mark has since died, and I’m finally fulfilling his request: Secret Keeper No More: An Interview With Mark Greyland