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If you've experienced an angel encounter, after death encounter, near-death experience, or out of body experience that you'd like to share for inclusion in one of my books, please go to the Submissions Page.

Thank you to each and every one of you who have so graciously shared your stories with me. I'm blessed by and grateful to you all!

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My second book, Angelic Encounters: True Stories of Angelic Protection, Assistance, and Comfort, is out!

This collection of stories about angelic beings protecting, comforting, or intervening in real people's lives is inspiring, compelling, and sometimes heartbreaking. Another volume of stories submitted to the author by normal people who've experienced something extraordinary, they remind us there's more than physical reality and that we're not alone.

Priced at 3.99 and DRM-free for your convenience, it's available better e-book retailers everywhere!

My first book: Visits From Beyond: True Stories of After Death Encounters

An inspiring collection of true after death encounters ranging from poignant to funny to heartwarming. Submitted by ordinary people who experienced something extraordinary, they remind us that we're more than our physical bodies and that our loved ones still love us after death.

Priced at 3.99 and DRM-free for your convenience, it's available at better e-book retailers everywhere!

Reviews of Visits From Beyond

C. A. Starfire has captured and compiled several life after death encounters where the author's of each story offer comfort and hope where there was none before. If you've lost a loved one, or are coming to grips with the death of a pet, or other loved one, this book will open your eyes to another reality. Compelling and rich, this compilation of stories of life beyond death encounters will grab the reader! -- Janet Carpenter, a review on Amazon.com

Compelling compilation of encounters with the deceased, described in a very down-to-earth manner. Fascinating and comforting. -- Michaela Jans, a review at LibraryThing.com

...a heartwarming, poignant book and an excellent read. I would highly recommend that everyone read it, at least once. And I hope that if you do, that it gives you the peace and hope it did me. -- Rhymershouse, a review at Goodreads.com

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Thank you to all my friends, family, clients, and others who so graciously and generously shared their stories with me. I am blessed by you and filled with gratitude!



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