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Readings And Energy Work

I enjoy doing many sorts of readings, including Energy, Intuitive, Life Path, Animal Communication, Pre-Life Planning, Angelic Communication, and Past Life readings, as well as doing Energy Work.

Please note: All my readings are currently done via email due to my health issues (which currently make phone and speech difficult for me); for this reason they're also at a discount

All readings last one hour. With the exception of Pre-Life Planning, which costs $150US, readings are $120US.

Energy Readings

During an Energy Reading I look at the energy systems of your body: grounding cord, shields, chakras (major, hand, and foot), attachments, and areas of unbalanced energy. I'll give you a detailed rundown on what I've found and any information I get about background/causes/reasons.

If you request it when you order, I'll work on cleaning and clearing any areas with problems as I go.

Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Readings are designed to answer your questions; I use both intuition and information from my Guides to do so. I'll share the insights I'm given with you as well as questions for you to consider regarding your situation.

Note: This sort of reading may not be best for you unless you're willing to end up with more possibilities and questions to consider than you started with, as the vast majority of intuitive readings I've done result in exactly that: more questions rather than fewer.

You are welcome to send me your questions/concerns/interests before the reading, and I'll address as many as I can. Depending on the complexity of the questions and answers, that may be one or several.

Life Path Readings

During a Life Path Reading I contact my guides for information on your Life Path, the general pattern you set for yourself in this life before birth. You're welcome to ask me specific questions or areas of life to consider, or I can do a general reading.

Animal Communication

During an Animal Communication Reading my guides help me contact your companion. Some animals communicate to me very clearly with words, while others communicate in images or feelings.

Pre-Life Planning/Life-Plan Reading

During a Pre-Life Planning/Life-Plan Reading I move into a non-time state where I can perceive your non-physical self as you planned the challenges you chose for this life as well as the reasons for those challenges. I often also see other souls you chose to interact and work with in this life and the agreements you made with them.

This reading brings the life plans and intentions you made before incarnating into the current life into your awareness; it can be very helpful in both understanding why you're facing challenges, situations, or difficult choices and in chosing the options that best align with your soul's plans for this lifetime.

Angelic Communication

We each have angels who guide, support, protect, and help us in our lives. During Angelic Communication I contact your angels and ask them what they would like to tell you.

Past Life Readings

We've all lived other lives; sometimes exploring one's past lives can be very healing for issues one is having difficulty resolving based on experiences in the current life. I will ask your guides to share with me what experiences in previous lives are affecting you in this one.

Energy Work

You have two options for an Energy Work Session: The first is for me to look for problems in your physical and astral bodies and work to adjust them to be in the best alignment and most optimal functioning and condition for your highest good.

The second is that I'll address only specific issues or problems you choose.

The difference between an Energy Reading and Energy Work is that the first is primarily investigative (with an option to have me do some clean up work during the reading if you request that when you order your reading), while the second is primarily healing.


I've been reading Tarot since the 70s; it's not my current focus, but you can contact me if you'd like to inquire about Tarot readings.

Time Frame for Readings

My intent is to do readings within 48 hours of payment. However I do have autoimmune issues and at times there may be a delay during flare ups. If that's the case, I will contact you to give you an estimated time frame. If you've already paid, I'll give you the option of a refund if you prefer not to wait.

I will always tell you if I'm booked up and how long of delay there may be.


I use Paypal for payments. If you'd prefer to pay another way, please contact me to discuss it.


To order a reading, please email me at chris (at) starfire-studio (dot) com with the type of reading you'd like and your paypal email address. I'll invoice you and then schedule your reading when payment is received.

I work from the heart and with spirit. I will always work with you with honesty and integrity and while being guided for your highest good.

Copyright Chris Starfire 1996-2014
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