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Water Kefir Grains

I love water kefir and I'm very happy to be able to offer Water Kefir grains.

In your kit you'll receive about 1.5 tablespoons of dehydrated water kefir grains—which will make between 1/4 and 1/3 cup rehydrated grains. I'll email you a copy of my directions, recipes, and notes. I'll also be happy to answer your questions via email.

My grains are grown in filtered well-water with organic raw sugar, organic lemon, and organic raisins. I also feed them a pinch of baking soda and bonemeal periodically.

Water kefir grains are $10 (which includes US postage), and I prefer Paypal.

Please email me at chris (at) starfire-studio (dot com) if you'd like to order. I'll invoice you and post your water kefir grains to you when your payment has cleared.

Copyright Chris Starfire 1996-2014
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